Age: 3-5 years

Weight: About 65lbs

Breed: Hound/Pit Mix

Background: Found wandering in Clayton, NC.

Are they good with:

    Dogs: Yes, but not alpha males or doodles.

    Cats: Unknown

    Children: Yes

Are they good in a car? Yes, but he gets car sick. Dramamine seems to work well.

Are they good on leash? Yes.

Are they house trained? Does not have accidents in his room.

Energy level: Low, but some energy spurts!

Quirks: Shreds fluffy bedding. Counter surfer. Does not like dogs with beards.

Tricks I know: Sit (only when a treat is involved). Needs work.

Favorite things: Treats, food, & rubs!

Health issues: None. Has been treated for heartworms and is now heartworm negative. 

Best home environment: Bryce likes men and would love a male figure at home. He would be happy with a family that likes to give lots of rubs and relax on the couch.

Thanks EWAH for

taking care of

our Kids!

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