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​About Bob's Kids


  Our mission at Bob’s Animal Rescue Kids is to find wonderful homes for our rescue dogs. Our rescues come to us from many different places and situations. First and foremost we focus on making sure they are healthy and happy, while also helping them to socialize with other dogs and people. We strive to find the perfect home for them to join, the home they will have forever.




​Bob Williams


   Bob was one of the most wonderful friends to our sweet rescue kids. He was a volunteer for the rescue and spent time with them almost everyday. He would walk them, hang out with them, and he provided the extra love they needed. Bob passed away several years ago, but the memory of him and how he cared for our rescues lives on. We have dedicated the name of the rescue to him because to us they are and always will be his kids. We will always love and miss Bob. 

Bob's Animal Rescue Kids
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