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Age: about 10-11 years

Weight: About 40lbs

Breed: Pit Mix

Background: We do not know how her leg was injured, but when she came to us the best option was amputation. She felt so much better and had so much more freedom after surgery!

She was adopted in 2020 and set for her new home in Philadelphia. Unfortunately, it turns out the city life was not for her - too many things to stimulate and stress her out. So Hazel has come back to us and is looking for her second chance at a forever home!

Are they good with:

    Dogs: No

    Cats: No

    Children: No

Are they good in a car? Yes

Are they good on leash? Yes

Are they house trained? Yes

Energy level: High

Quirks: Jumper. Nips when excited.

Favorite things: Snuggles, scratches, cuddles, food & treats!

Health issues: After her amputation she has been physically healthy. She does get anxious around stimulation and things like going to the vet.

Best home environment: Hazel would love a quiet house with a loving parent or a couple. She does not do well with too much stimulation - so a low key environment with few visitors in and out would help. She would also love a fenced in back yard to sunbathe in!

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