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2024 Camp Membership Enrollment Form

Please fill out the following information and choose the club(s) and/or package(s) for 2024.

Has your contact information changed? (Address, phone, email)

I have read and agree to the 2024 Membership Agreement and Contract of Care, the 2024 Health Requirements, and the 2024 Holiday Hours & Policies.

-choose either-


Please Pick Your Club(s):

*Please note: the Random Rover Club does not combine with the Frequent Fido Club or the Overnight Mutt Club.


Please pick any Optional Packages (Any combination OTHER than a single and a double of the same package):


Choose your payment preference:

By submitting this form, you are agreeing to all Camp Canine, Inc. Membership Requirements and to a perpetual Contract of Care for Day Camp, Overnight stays, or any other services provided during 2024. The completion of the membership for 2024 is a legal and binding contract with CCI and veterinarians engaged by CCI. Once accepted and payment is made, contract of care for 2024 will commence and end January 31, 2025. Cancellation of Membership is nonrefundable and must be provided in writing to CCI. If you have the Monthly Mutt Club, cancellation must be provided in writing AND 30 days notice must be given. Thank you for completing your 2024 Membership with Camp Canine, Inc. Please sign, date and submit. This form is not to be duplicated or copied.

Thanks for completing the 2024 Membership form!

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