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Camp Canine Check In Form

Camp Hours

Drop off: M-F 8-11:30AM or 1-3PM, Sat 9-10AM, & Sun 9-10AM.

Pick up: M-F 8-11:30AM or 1-5PM, Sat 9-10AM, & Sun 9-10AM or 4-6PM.

If pick-up time listed is after regular hours, then additional charges may be incurred.

Care Information for Camper 1
Services for Camper 1

Activities for Camper 1: Click to select amount, leave blank or select "None" if not wanted.

Care Information for Camper 2
Services for Camper 2

Activities for Camper 2: Click to select amount, leave blank or select "None" if not wanted.

Non-Profit Animal Rescue Assistance: Bob's Animal Rescue Kids (BARK): Please consider donating to help us continue to save abandoned and abused animals. 100% of your donations go to BARK, a 501(c)(3).

Pick your donation amount:

Guardian or, if you are not the legal guardian, however you have the permission to act on the behalf of the guardian, please sign below. The legal guardian is the named person on the membership agreement. The legal guardian of the pets will be held responsible for the Contract of Care during this temporary custody of the pets.  In the event the legal guardian did not give permission to the person signing the pet into Camp Canine the guardian will be held responsible to Camp Canine for all policies and agreements. The Contract of Care is printed as part 2 of this form, on the back of this page.


Authorization Camp Canine, Inc. will be authorized to charge the credit card provided the appropriate fees at arrival or during our care. Credit card charge authorization is accepted in person, by email, or phone. The Membership Agreement for Reservations and all services, and the Contract of Care and all parts constitute a contract.

No credits or refunds are given for early departure due to space devoted for this reservation.



I understand and agree to the Contract of Care and all policies of Camp Canine, Inc.

thank YOU - your form HAS BEEN SUBMITTED.

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