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Camp Canine Animal Care Evaluation


Our hiring process includes two working interviews that may be up to four hours long each. A working interview consists of you shadowing a manager or senior staff. You will be interactive with all sizes of dogs. Do you understand and agree to this:

For this job we are looking for someone who is:

- Energetic
- Hard working
- Willing to get dirty
- Can lift 50 lbs
- Can work as team or individual
- Willing to learn dog behavior and other dog related subjects
- And above all has a passion for dogs!

We will require:

- Be able to work full time.
- Work holidays and weekends.
- Have a flexible schedule to accommodate our hours 7am-10pm

Do you understand these requirements and physical activity?

If the answer is no or you have questions, please stop and speak to someone before proceeding with the application.

Please complete the following questions to the best of your ability. This is information that will help us understand your interest in working at Camp Canine.

Please fill out the following schedule completely:

If you are available all day, type "Available". Please write in times you are in school, working at another job, or have another commitment.

Camp staff needs to be available for AM (7am-4pm), PM (12:50pm-10pm), and mid shifts in between 7am and 10pm.

Thanks for submitting!

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