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Age: 2+ years

Weight: About 75lbs

Breed: Lab Mix

Background: Doc was an owner surrender from a family who could not care for him.

Are they good with:

    Dogs: Yes

    Cats: Unknown

    Children: Yes, but does not know his size.

Are they good in a car? Yes

Are they good on leash? Yes, but still working with him.

Are they house trained? Needs work.

Energy level: High

Favorite things: Doc has energy and would love to fetch, hike, run, and play. He also loves to sunbathe and enjoys chewing on Nylabones and playing with toys.


Best home environment: Doc would love an active owner. He is a smart and curious boy and would like to go for adventures and walks.

A message from Doc's rescuer:

Meet Doc - He'll be your Huckleberry.  He is 75 lbs of love and will be three in April.  He is neutered and up to date on his shots.


Doc was raised with 5 dogs and chickens.  After the family got rid of four dogs they kept him.  Unfortunately they didn’t have time for him so he wandered around looking for friends.  At that point, they crated him OUTSIDE for  24 hours a day…. In. The.  Heat. After animal control was called they moved him to a barn.  And didn’t let him out. Again.  Refused to put up a fence that could contain him and the neighbors behind the family threatened to shoot him.


Fortunately the landlord’s girlfriend threw a FIT and after many conversations, and a few "threats", convinced them to surrender him to BARK.  Unfortunately, he has been here ever since.  (Carolina Brown dogs are the hardest to adopt out, regardless of how sweet they are...and Doc is one of the sweetest.)


He loves people, is good with kids (side bar…doesn’t know he is 75lbs and needs some training - think puppy).  Loves car rides (see picture evidence) and belly rubs.  Will chase chickens though - but I mean hey, who doesn't love chicken amirite????  He has not been tested with cats.


If you know of anyone that would love to foster him (or adopt him), please let us know. 


He deserves a chance at a real family with lots of walks and belly rubs.   (He is high energy and would make a GREAT running companion.  He walks great on his leash and is currently learning to wait before he exits doors.)


Please help Doc be someone's special Huckleberry!


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